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Our Story

Secure Well Services (SWS) is a small professional well servicing company with two well servicing rigs. SWS was formed in 2007 to provide oil field rental equipment and operating company representative services for various clients on both drilling and well servicing rigs.

About Us

SWS purchased the first well servicing rig in late 2010 being Rig 1 with a 60,000lbs hook load which has been operating for one client for over 7 years working on over 630 wells with an unblemished safety record with zero LTI’s or MTI’s to date and over 2200LTI free days. Rig 2 with 120,000lbs hook load was purchased in 2014 undergoing complete re-refurbishment prior to commencing adhoc well servicing activities in 2015 and beyond.

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Welcome to SWS
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